Facial reflexology serving beauty

Improve outer beauty while rebalancing the inside. We apply our knowledge in «Dien Chan» to complete our beauty treatments: wrinkles, blemishes, scars, cellulite, and water retention among others.

Chan'beauté is a natural method that synthesizes therapeutic knowledge such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with modern medicine, without using needles or other invasive techniques.

We know that the facial skin is an important source of information of the state of our health. We have always checked the tone, the brightness and texture as reference on our general health state. The «Chan'beauté» offers a new way to see the face and offer therapeutic tools to act more deeply.
Usually our clients informed us about their pain while receiving a facial beauty treatment. With an elementary training in facial reflexology, we manage to treat the outer beauty while rebalancing the inside. We enjoy the aesthetic work to relieve the pain and rebalance the energy flow of the body.

All those years of experience in facial diagnostics helps us understand how to reach the source of the unbalances that cause moles, wrinkles, dimples, scars and the dark spots on our face and body.

All these traces, sometimes unsightly, informed us about possible internal unbalances and show us our past or present weaknesses. The location of these imperfections is not random and the «Dien Chan» helps us interpret with precision and allows us to design personalized treatments.

The therapeutic aesthetic technique
This consists to use the «Dien Chan» diagrams of reflection in a bidirectional way. Work both: the local area and the reaction area, through the face. We add a therapeutic dimension to the beauty treatment reinforced. This projection exercise of the reflexology becomes automatism whenever we observe and communicate with our clients.

Multireflex tools gently stimulate the blood and lymphatic micro-circulation of the dermis and epidermis offering a quick and effective result without ever damaging the skin.

In addition to studying and using the diagrams of Multireflexology, Chan'beauté offers the opportunity for Beauticians to talk to their client to find the internal origin of an imbalance which could be an accelerating factor of the facial imperfection. By encompassing this therapeutic dimension the results of their treatment become deeper and more sustainable.

Depending on the imperfection Therapists, to complete a Multireflexolgy treatment and Beauticians, to add the therapeutic dimension to their service are able to design treatments for their client who appreciate his or her personalized care and share their satisfaction with friends and colleagues.

Now available, the new interactive magazine to consult, study and above all - work with.
Many professionals still believe that withholding information gives them advantages. However, at EiMDC (the International School of Multireflexology – Dien Chan) we disagree with the argument that «information is power»….
It is not!

We are convinced that, contrary to widespread opinion, withholding knowledge is a great hindrance to society. We have to overcome the «ego trap». With that in mind we are proud to offer our extensive experience and other shared talents in the interactive aesthetic magazine of Chan'beauté.
Discover the project from www.chanbeaute.pro or download it directly from mag.chanbeaute.pro.

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