The 12 morning massages

Many of these massages are also used in Tai-Qi and other oriental techniques but Dien Chan gives meaning to those massages by explaining their actions and effects based on reflex sketches. The experience of Prof. Bùi  Quốc  Châu's students, patients and all students has helped him to present them in a logical order. These 12 massages should be used between 20 and 30 times each, depending on the patient's physical and mental condition. The important thing is not the amount of time devoted to each massage but whether the patient feels warmer as a result.

The 12 facial massages become really useful to maintain health and youth, to prevent illnesses and to generally reinforce tonicity. Practicing those massages in the morning help us maintain a preventive attitude and a life philosophy based on self-regulation.

A yin patient will need more massages than the yang patient to achieve the same results. If the patient feels warmer very quickly, then you may conclude this is a yang person, so you should begin each massage with the right hand (yang) and finish on the yin side (left) to ensure balance.
Anyone can develop an alternative method such as wetting a towel in hot water and using it to rub the neck, back of the neck and face, for example.
It is very important to practice the massages on a daily basis, listen to the body, and be aware of its response.

Each patient should remember which massages to use according to his own needs and apply them in the mornings.

For those who are not as diligent or do not have time in the morning for all 12 massages, the two main massages are massage n°7 (yang) and n°12 (yin).
These two massages are complementary and rebalance the body after waking up. In general, teenagers will not need the 12 morning massages as often as adults, except in winter to prevent colds (massage n°7) or before a stressful or difficult situation such as an exam or oral presentation (massage n°9).

The best way of teaching the 12 morning massages to friends and patients is to practice them. All these exercises must be repeated thirty times. We have to feel the heat and the Qi circulates.

Propose and teach these 12 massages to your patients and friends. They have changed many people’s lives by helping the body to find the strength for natural auto-regulation. To help you to communicate and promote the 12 massages, we offer a file (pdf format) that you can download from