Empower your care

Self-treatment as the support to the pupils was never so easy. From the anatomy and then completing with the most appropriate symptom, Faceasit offer 100% of the formulae of bqc·points as well as pointers on the use of the advised multireflex tools.
Faceasit is also capable to propose a map of reflex zones outcome of the multireflexology; various diagrams of Dien Chan.

Dien Chan entered by the main entrance of the new technologies with Faceasit'clinic. The interactive application able to build in real time an infinity of protocols of care in facial reflexology.

In the same way, we can study the technique. Better than an on-line course, Faceasit allows you to understand the multiple diagrams of projection on the face and the relations which exist between the fixed points and them.

Faceasit'clinic is the best therapeutic and educational instrument to help you to build personalized formulae and to keep the history of every client. We can also share our protocols by e-mail to help our consultants to continue the treatment.

With the guarantee and the seriousness of the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan (EiMDC) as quality security, we invite you to discover Faceasit on your iPad by testing its free version.

Clic here to reach the help videos and the complete user-guide.